Posted by Trask on March 2, 2016

Fearless Flyer- By Heather Lang

Had the joy of working with author Heather Lang on her latest kids book, Fearless Flyer. I created the book trailer-

Also, for those who would like to see a full description and write-up on this spectacular book look here

If you are looking for a great non-fiction story about a strong woman who overcame gender biases and naysayers, then definitely look at not only this book but all of the books from Heather Lang! I am a fan.

Posted by Trask on February 28, 2016

Friday, February 26- Rabbit Hash

There is an open jam every friday evening at the Rabbit Hash general store.  There are many regulars, and occasional a new face in the crowd, like me.  If you are looking for a welcoming environment to play and pluck along with some fine musicians, this is the place! Don’t be afraid to let the dust fly off that case, get your instrument tuned up and join the fun.

When you can’t find the right song to play, just make one up. Rabbit Hash open jam session moments, they might happen again, but they will never be the same.


Posted by Trask on February 21, 2016

Rabbit Hash – A Jam after the fire

Nearly a week after the fire that took most of the Rabbit Hash General Store, with the help of many hands they have reopened!  In a new location within eyesight of the the blackened remains, the tradition of a Friday night jam session continues- without skipping a beat.

Posted by Trask on February 15, 2016

Learning to Roll with First Descents and Brad Ludden

A cool moment from the filming of “The River Ward” in 2008.  Brad Ludden is teaching Beemer how to roll in the shadows of Glacier National Park, Montana.  I am behind the camera on a jib in the water!

Posted by Trask on February 15, 2016

Ronnie Renner Freeride Tour- from 2010!

Here is a quick look at the intro to the series that we made in 2010.  It was the year that tilt-shift was the coolest thing going.  It is slightly overused here, but the graphics still hold up to the years!